Saturday, June 22, 2013

No hiding behind this MASK.....

No this is not a Halloween post.....This is not  zombie tutorial... this is next hottest thing in clear, radiant skin!

Okay so shield your eyes...

I know what this looks like.....I came down with a flesh eating disease, but its actually supposed to help your flesh (skin)...if you haven't heard about this stuff, it boasts some pretty cool things....

First off, it contains active ingredients such as; Volcanic rock, French sea clay, green tea leaf, and TEAOXI (there special secret formula) .

It claims to increase natural collagen synthesis, make skin appear more youthful and radiant, provides resurfacing exfoliation, plus brightens, tightens, and smoothes.  Can I use this on my rear??? (just wondering) LOL

First impressions, it goes on with clumps of stuff, and gritty, but a little goes a long way. The jar is small and a little pricey, so thank goodness you don't need a ton

The instruction say smooth on all over face and let dry, then rinse thoroughly with water. I left it on a little longer than needed after drying (because I always abuse beauty products and I was in the sun so it dried super fast). Instantly my face felt tighter (I am not sure if it just seemed dry and tight, or noticeably tightened) it did a nice job at exfoliating, and I went the extra mile and as I rinsed I further gently scrubbed my face. My skin did look brighter and radiant, even my monster pimple looked a little smaller (YAY!) and when I did apply my makeup it went over my skin more smoothly.

Overall, I am happy and I think with continued weekly use I will see more results, this is only the first time I have tried it. I will keep you posted and I have a link if you want to purchase this and see for yourself. It can also be found at Sephora stores. If you visit the site by clicking on the link you can order a sample!!! YAY! free stuff :)


On a side note, I do enjoy weekly at home facial treatments and masks for clearer skin and deep cleansing of the pores, but if you have never used a mud mask, you can expect some acne to pop up ...this is called "purging" when the deep dirt and bacteria are drawn to the surface. This is a good thing, but sometimes it makes your skin look worse before it looks better. With continued use the masks will maintain that clean pore feeling and the "purging" will be minimal.

XOXO Marissa

Gel-Like Manicure without UV light

GEL- like Manicure at home without the UV light

I was doing some research and came across some products that will give you a lasting gel-like manicure at home. It's a fraction of the cost of the salon style gel manis and requires no uv light, which means no harmful rays. The other great things is once this is easily removed with regular nail polish, your nails are not thin and brittle as sometimes happens with the harsh removal of the salon gel nails. I am going to put my theory to the test and see how long it lasts and I will let you know, but the immediate results are well worth you giving this a try.
These are the products you will need, I happen to LOVE Sally Hansen products, but you could you similar products from a different brand.
 Step one: Use one coat of Nail Hardener- I like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Wraps (allow to dry)
Step two: Use your favorite nail color- Again, I love the Extreme Wear by Sally- dries fast lasts longer than most and great coverage with one coat
Step three: After the color has a minute to dry, apply a chip resistant shiny top coat- I love the No Chip acrylic top coat by Sally Hansen
Give it all a minute to set....and it really only needs a minute or 2 and you are good to go. I will let you know how long mines lasted...with dishes, hand washing, cleaning, etc we SHALL see. Let me know what you think!!
XO Marissa