Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tammy Faye...or Nay???

The truth behind Eyelash extensions!
Okay ladies, this is for anyone interested in getting semi permanent eyelash extensions. I got them done this weekend and I have to share my experience.
* Very expensive to start- $150 with $20-$25 fills after that
* Takes about an hour start to finish
* It is somewhat uncomfortable, although not painful. You lay on your back with your eyes closed and your bottom lashes are taped down, as to insure that your eyes are not glued together.
* The lashes are very stiff and brittle. They are permanently curled and long. I opted for the natural approach. I have seen some that look much more dramatic.
* You can wear them swimming and doing anything you want, they grow out with your natural lashes and shed like your own.
I have to say, they do look natural, however they don't feel natural (very stiff). They never need mascara (infact do not use waterproof as it is too hard on the lashes to remove) and they stay curled. I love the look, but I am not sure if this is the way to go. If you can master false lashes (the glue on variety- Like Ardell) that might be a cheaper, less permanent, less invasive way to go. I find that applying makeup around these lashes is taking some adjustment and I did lose quite a few the first time I washed my face. I also worry about doing any dramatic eye makeup looks because of the removal process yanking them out.
Overall, I am glad I tried it, because I am very picky about my lashes and I have yearned for long, thick lashes my whole life, but I am not yet decided if I will go back for multiple fills. Time will tell.
One thing is for sure.... There is a BIG difference in the Before and After.
You can see how much darker and fuller the lashes are. The first picture is completely natural no mascara at all. The second is just the extensions, no mascara. Not quite Tammy Faye Baker...but any loger I could have joined the circus! LOL
If you decide to try the extensions find a reputable salon and ask to see pictures. ASK questions too!
XO Marissa