Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Geek Chic, nerdy can be purrrrty!

Ok, so when I got my first pair of glasses I was excited for all of ONE day.

Until the name calling, teasing, low self esteem happened....

That was then..... this is NOW. I don't wear them everyday, because they are kind of annoying and I love my contacts, but on occasion I do wear my glasses and I kind of feel mysteriously hot.

I call it the Sexy Librarian Effect.... call me crazy. But there is a certain mystery about a woman behind a set of goggles. It's like the movie where the girl wearing glasses in high school is transformed at prom and all the boys look at her differently ( I guess that happens after she takes the glasses OFF) not my point.... anyways I love a women in glasses... a smart, intelligent, something behind the frames that you can't put your finger on.

This inspired me to share a little about wearing makeup when you wear glasses.

     First, you need to define your brows a little they say the brows frame your face...but now you have another set of FRAMES competing you need to help your brows stand out by using brow gel, pencil, liner, powder etc. I personally love a soft natural defined brow using a brow powder that is an exact match for your brow hair, nothing too dark, too ashy or too red.

You can find great products no matter what color your hair from this line..... ANASTASIA
The inventor of this line is a famous Brow Tamer to the stars....she has something for everyone!

      Second, your eyes can get lost behind the glare and the define those peepers. I love a soft dark brown liner smudged a little. It's not as harsh as black but still defines the eyes. I also think you can get away liner alone, maybe a soft cream shadow to set the look off.

      Third, make sure you conceal you under eye bags. Glasses can cast a shadow under the eye, so you will want to really conceal any darkness that is already there.

Some BROWS I love....

You don't need to change your makeup routine drastically, but follow those tips and you will glow!

Just as long as you don't pull this look... HA HA HA...just teasing!
Have an incredible day... celebrate your inner naughty nerd tomorrow...Who's with ME??
XO- Marissa