Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 IMATS Pictures and TIPS

Hi all you lovelies! I just returned from the 2013 IMATS ( International Makeup Artist Tradeshow) for those of you that are not familiar. One word sums up the day......AMAZING!! BEST DAY EVER!!!
I had a blast and learned a lot! I had the opportunity to watch seminars and chat with a bunch of talented people in the industry. It was a an incredible opportunity. As well as, the chance to buy really great makeup brands at discounted prices.
I bought some great brushes, air brush makeup, little odds and ends....
Battle of the Brushes
Battle of the Brushes is an incredible student competition, where students from all over the world create looks on models and then judged to win prizes. You can watch the entire process from start to finish which is so awesome. The theme this year was "the elements".
Random shots
A super talented make up artist from the series FACE OFF on the Syfy Channel.
Special Effects makeup
There is so much about this show that I have to share!!! Bigger post and more pictures to come soon! In the mean time please check out
XO Marissa