Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When you are beautiful on the inside radiates outward...

This is my beautiful friend Amanda, she's stunning in this photo, but the type of friend she is adds to her beauty! She's the best, that's all there is to it. This is round one of MONDAY MAKEOVERS....just added on Thursday...LOL.

Just natural and lovely....

Geek Chic, nerdy can be purrrrty!

Ok, so when I got my first pair of glasses I was excited for all of ONE day.

Until the name calling, teasing, low self esteem happened....

That was then..... this is NOW. I don't wear them everyday, because they are kind of annoying and I love my contacts, but on occasion I do wear my glasses and I kind of feel mysteriously hot.

I call it the Sexy Librarian Effect.... call me crazy. But there is a certain mystery about a woman behind a set of goggles. It's like the movie where the girl wearing glasses in high school is transformed at prom and all the boys look at her differently ( I guess that happens after she takes the glasses OFF) not my point.... anyways I love a women in glasses... a smart, intelligent, something behind the frames that you can't put your finger on.

This inspired me to share a little about wearing makeup when you wear glasses.

     First, you need to define your brows a little they say the brows frame your face...but now you have another set of FRAMES competing you need to help your brows stand out by using brow gel, pencil, liner, powder etc. I personally love a soft natural defined brow using a brow powder that is an exact match for your brow hair, nothing too dark, too ashy or too red.

You can find great products no matter what color your hair from this line..... ANASTASIA
The inventor of this line is a famous Brow Tamer to the stars....she has something for everyone!

      Second, your eyes can get lost behind the glare and the define those peepers. I love a soft dark brown liner smudged a little. It's not as harsh as black but still defines the eyes. I also think you can get away liner alone, maybe a soft cream shadow to set the look off.

      Third, make sure you conceal you under eye bags. Glasses can cast a shadow under the eye, so you will want to really conceal any darkness that is already there.

Some BROWS I love....

You don't need to change your makeup routine drastically, but follow those tips and you will glow!

Just as long as you don't pull this look... HA HA HA...just teasing!
Have an incredible day... celebrate your inner naughty nerd tomorrow...Who's with ME??
XO- Marissa
In the wise words of Audrey Hepburn..."The prettiest girls, are happy girls."

I find this to be so true. So let go of what troubles you in life, whether it be a friend who is no longer "friendly", a man who needs to "man up", or a job that needs to be "fired".

Whatever it is that is ailing you....have the power to let it go, sometimes we are too afraid of change to let ourselves let go of what is "comfortable" or "normal". Change isn't bad....seasons change, people change, and so on.

I have changed over the years, everyday in fact, for the better and I finally had the courage to kick the BULL to the curb and move on. I have never turned back.

Let me tell you people notice....I have had friends tell me I look different, great, they ask what I've done....But it's nothing on the highlights, no extra makeup, no fancy clothes.....I AM HAPPY.

It's not that I wasn't always happy....but once you are really happy, you think back and think maybe I wasn't.


LET ME TELL YOU ...It feels even better than it looks!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 IMATS Pictures and TIPS

Hi all you lovelies! I just returned from the 2013 IMATS ( International Makeup Artist Tradeshow) for those of you that are not familiar. One word sums up the day......AMAZING!! BEST DAY EVER!!!
I had a blast and learned a lot! I had the opportunity to watch seminars and chat with a bunch of talented people in the industry. It was a an incredible opportunity. As well as, the chance to buy really great makeup brands at discounted prices.
I bought some great brushes, air brush makeup, little odds and ends....
Battle of the Brushes
Battle of the Brushes is an incredible student competition, where students from all over the world create looks on models and then judged to win prizes. You can watch the entire process from start to finish which is so awesome. The theme this year was "the elements".
Random shots
A super talented make up artist from the series FACE OFF on the Syfy Channel.
Special Effects makeup
There is so much about this show that I have to share!!! Bigger post and more pictures to come soon! In the mean time please check out
XO Marissa

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tammy Faye...or Nay???

The truth behind Eyelash extensions!
Okay ladies, this is for anyone interested in getting semi permanent eyelash extensions. I got them done this weekend and I have to share my experience.
* Very expensive to start- $150 with $20-$25 fills after that
* Takes about an hour start to finish
* It is somewhat uncomfortable, although not painful. You lay on your back with your eyes closed and your bottom lashes are taped down, as to insure that your eyes are not glued together.
* The lashes are very stiff and brittle. They are permanently curled and long. I opted for the natural approach. I have seen some that look much more dramatic.
* You can wear them swimming and doing anything you want, they grow out with your natural lashes and shed like your own.
I have to say, they do look natural, however they don't feel natural (very stiff). They never need mascara (infact do not use waterproof as it is too hard on the lashes to remove) and they stay curled. I love the look, but I am not sure if this is the way to go. If you can master false lashes (the glue on variety- Like Ardell) that might be a cheaper, less permanent, less invasive way to go. I find that applying makeup around these lashes is taking some adjustment and I did lose quite a few the first time I washed my face. I also worry about doing any dramatic eye makeup looks because of the removal process yanking them out.
Overall, I am glad I tried it, because I am very picky about my lashes and I have yearned for long, thick lashes my whole life, but I am not yet decided if I will go back for multiple fills. Time will tell.
One thing is for sure.... There is a BIG difference in the Before and After.
You can see how much darker and fuller the lashes are. The first picture is completely natural no mascara at all. The second is just the extensions, no mascara. Not quite Tammy Faye Baker...but any loger I could have joined the circus! LOL
If you decide to try the extensions find a reputable salon and ask to see pictures. ASK questions too!
XO Marissa


The one thing women don't understand about being a model....and (maybe I didn't let myself believe until recently) is they have HELP.
I feel like we sell ourselves short when it comes to our looks and it could for a lot of reasons...
Low self Esteem
Hurtful relationships
Childhood experiences
Nasty women from high school haunting you in your dreams (Pretty sure that's just me)
Whatever it may be, most women don't enjoy having their picture taken, they don't have very nice things to say about their looks, they have distorted images of themselves. I have friends, that say the following "when I lose weight and get skinny I will be pretty" and " I only look good with makeup on". IF I HEAR THESE PHRASES AGAIN I WILL HIT YOU!
I get it....we all have "Bad Face" days, and you are entitled to it, but I have heard women say that because they aren't THIS or THAT, that they aren't beautiful. We need to realize, not only for ourselves but for our young daughters that the pictures of women in magazines, are photo-shopped, air brushed, retouched, and they have hair dressers, makeup artists, stylers, lighting professionals, nutritionists, trainers, self tanners, pro wedgie pickers, etc. The list goes on.
Don't let the after picture fool you...these women have bad hair days, pimples, under eye bags, enlarged pores, etc.
Don't get me wrong ...Kate Moss is blessed with the gorgeous genes even in the before....but a little primping goes a long way.
Embrace the quirks that make you special and unique and if you like wearing makeup it because it's fun not to try and hide behind a mask. Powders, lipstick and mascara can do a lot, but they can't give you confidence...that comes from YOU!
Big Hugs - M

These are a few of my FAVORITE things..... this month

MAY Favorites....
I wanted to share a few of my favorite products for the month of May. I have tried them all and bought them in full size. I would/and will buy these products again once I run out.
WEN this stuff! It is pricey, but its one of those luxury items that is totally worth it. I didn't but it so that's easy for me to say (it was a gift from my very thoughtful man)
There is a process to follow when you use Wen, it comes with instructions. I have seen a huge improvement on my straw ( I mean hair). It is silkier, more manageable, and less frizzy. Not to mention, the scents available are incredible!

Bare Minerals Tanner
I really love this stuff and I have tried soooo many. I am the connoisseur on fake tanning (I'm a redhead) I have tried mystic tans, hand applied spray tans, creams, lotions towelettes, etc. I felt like I was the punch line of a bad knock, knock joke (ORANGE, you glad I didn't say orange again).
This product by FAR gives me the best, most natural looking streak free tan. I love it!!!
The key I believe to the success of this one is the green undertone ( I know, you look a little scared) I promise it won't turn you into the HULK, but it does cancel out the red/orange tones (think complimentary colors) leaving you with a nice natural golden brown hue. It can be layered for a deeper tan and it is by far the least smelly product I have found.
HOOLA Bronzing powder
 I really like this bronzer, it is matte, no sparkle- mimics a real natural tan. It's golden brown, not orange and blends nicely. It is by far my fav bronzer of the moment- however, it is pricey. If you are looking to true a duplicate of this product, another one I like is the Maybelline FIT ME collection, the bronzers are matte and really natural. The matte properties make this especially nice for natural contouring.
KISS eyelashes

As many of you that follow my blog know, I am OBSESSED with my eyelashes. I love and long for thick, long, perfectly curled lashes....fake it until you make it right??? I have tried many false lash brands and love the natural appearance of individual lashes, but seriously gluing one tiny little eyelash on at a time becomes very tedious ( and gives me carpel tunnel). So when I saw these babies I snagged the last 2 packs. These are easier than individuals, but more natural than strips. Then, I had a light bulb moment.....why didn't I think of this sooner! DOH! Why didn't I just cut my strip lashes down to easier to manage lengths??? Don't you hate inventing something after someone else already invents it??? Oh well really love these and the packs have multiple lengths, very handy!

 Argan Oil
I love this stuff! 100% Argan oil, you can read about its amazing properties all over the internet, it is an oil expelled from the kernels of the argan tree and is known for its restorative and antioxidant properties. I love it as a hair oil for split ends, dry cracked cuticles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, etc. the uses really are endless.
If you were eyeballing any of these products at the store but didn't want to commit I hope my experience is helpful. PS- one of the reasons why I love Sephora, is that you may request a FREE sample of just about any product they carry, just in case you want to try before you buy.
xoxo- M

Change is GOOD

After trying out a different blog host site I have decided to make a comeback to Blogger. I like the clean look and it seems less jumbled, so if you were following the other blog found at, then just start visiting me HERE!!

I plan on putting up a bunch of new videos and posts as well as transferring my older ones!!
xo- Marissa