Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is the diary of my journey in to the world of makeup and fashion. I am addicted to makeup and have been since I can remember. I use makeup much like artists use paint and brushes to create application is a creative outlet for me. I view makeup like a work of art, the face being the canvas and the shadows, liners, and powders being the medium. I love the challenge of creating something new, fresh, and edgy.

I have a background in theatre which has only enhanced my love of makeup, using it to create characters.

I also LOVE throwing themed parties, which allows me to use my creative skills to bring the party to life.

As you could probably guess by now, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, because I can express and showcase myself through makeup.

My daughters and I love playing dress up, and my youngest daughter is just as obsessed with makeup as I am!

I hope this introduction has given you a little peak into my life and keeps you coming back for more!

Please check back frequently for updated videos and reviews. I hope you enjoy watching!